Gregory Mullen

Curriculum vitae

Founded Blackslash Development

CEO / Principal

2017 — Current

Founded Backslash Development as a software security company. Providing security consulting and software development to Small Business, Enterprise, and Universities.

Epic Martial Arts

Owner / Master Instructor

2016 — Current

Starting as a Martial Arts Instructor, I wrote an application to better track student progress. The system included a Touch UI that was intuitive for students as young as 5 to use. Later the application expanded to manage the business side of the studio tracking, historical and projected testing dates, special event sign-ups, camp registration, and finally automated recurring payments.


2009 — Current

Created shortly after the disolution of Dev.5. was a hacking group in the real sense of the word. was created to pool resources and knowledge to help people who wanted to do cool stuff. Community projects included the obvious (searching for exploits), but also included the IPTV Archive, a hosted repo for classic IPTV shows out of production. Geekii, a clone of howtoforge with a wiki format instead of a threaded message board. eventually evolved into it's current small group of security engineers working within Backslash Development.


C (ISO C99)

ARM, Embedded Linux, Wayland, Weston-IVI, JCI (proprietary ****)

2017 — Current

Heads Up Display, That Doesn't Suck

The new car I bought came with an In-Vehicle infotainment system that could play music from a usb device, but remembering to update the song list on the USB drive seemed like a waste of time. My car includes wifi (disabled by default) that I wanted to use to sync song for me. Once I started looking around the system, I learned the front end was a custom opera browser that interfaces with native code via websockets and json. I'm currently reverse engineering the system so I can implement something that's actually sane.


Python 3, Flask, Discord

2018 — Current

SideKick is gaming organization tracking software, with a specific focus on Star Citizen. Web front end with an included Discord bot. Handles applications, fleet management, member training, org documentation, and in game intel.

Critter Chat

Python 3

C (ISO C99), National Instruments DAQ, OpenGL

2017 — Current

Unreleased Project (This project is under a non-public contract, or some patentable sections can't yet be made public)


Python 3

2016 — Current

Unreleased Project (This project is under a non-public contract, or some patentable sections can't yet be made public)


Python 3

2016 — Current

Version 2 of the student tracking system. This version includes a lot more support for the administrative tasks in running a martial arts studio; Including not just student tracking, but family tracking, billing, automated payments, events, online new-student registration & payments.



circa 2017

Managing the multiple git repositories and projects for the Tox Project as a whole started to become confusing or ambiguous. DevBot was created to help with that, (and because I wanted to learn Haskell.) Features include watching IRC channels for references to issues or pull requests, and providing links to Repos, Reviews, issues, patches, etc. Also included was CI/CD functions support, so developers could run tests/builds without leaving the IRC conversation. And perhaps his most important feature being comedic relief.


C (ISO C99)

2012 — 2017

-- TODO Project Description --

BS Nursing

California State University -- East Bay

2013 — 2016

California State University Bachelors Science Nursing 1000+ clinical hours across: Med/Surg, Pediatrics, Psych, Renal/Endo, Rehab, OR, ER and Community Health


C (ISO C99), Java (Android Java)

2010 — 2017

uTox is a secure instant messenger (Voice, Video, & Text) I started writing code for the Tox Project. Shortly after joining I took over lead development the client, implementing file transfer support with session resuming during crashes network lag. In the core network library; I implemented multi-device support and history syncing, an expanded and improved API, found an existing flaw in friend finding/authentication, and wrote a specification for a more secure, and better optimized procedure.


Las Positas

2011 — 2013

-- TODO Project Description --


Version 2 — PHP5


Just before leaving I created a “Search Notification” system. Often searches in deep backwoods had a severe negative impact on radio communications. Cell phones would occasionally get better connections, but often for only short bursts of time. Text messages became a backup communication channel when radios didn't work. SAR CMS Version 2 started implementing two way SMS so teams in the field could get messages out, as well as stay updated on current search information. This system was intended to function along side the existing callout notification system, which only allowed for messaging at the start of a search.


Emergency Medical Technician

Earned EMT-B while training to join CoCoSAR's Hasty (Rapid Response) Search Team


PHP5 Website

2010 — 2015

SAR CMS is the backend to The website originally designed to assist recruiting, succeeding by recruiting more members in the first year then the previous three combined. The scope then expanded to include the CMS Core created to help manage the needs of each team. Including tracking training, certifications, and assignments globally. Down to to assist the management of active multi-station trainings, medical standby events, and PR details.

Contra Costa Search & Rescue

Ground Searcher (Type 2) / Website Corporal / Database Administrator

2009 — 2015

As a volunteer I lead many different teams and projects; from leading medical & rapid response teams, to managing field radio communications. I also created the website and server. The website originally intended to assist recruiting, succeeding in recruiting more members in the first year then the previous three combined.

The Academy For Martial Arts

Assistant Instructor.

2004 — 2013

Teaching Taekwondo to students ages 3yr & up.

Student Attendance Tracking Software


2006 — 2012

Got tired of signing and dating attendance cards by hand so I developed a tracking system with a touch screen interface to allow students to login. The system saved not just me time, but students as well. It's much easier to find and touch your name on a computer. Especially when your name is printed on your belt color, and you've just turned 3 and are still learning to read!

Certified First Responder


Earned First Responder Certification with Contra Costa SAR

Founding Member Dev.5

2007 — 2009

Member of a team that was created to create content/segments for Hax.5 IPTV show.